Advisory Services

Corporate Venture Capital Management

RM Global serves as an out-sourced corporate venture capitalist for medium to large-sized enterprises. Corporate clients invest in new ventures for a combination of strategic benefits and financial return. Many corporates want to build a systematic deal sourcing, execution and monitoring capacity but do not have immediate resources earmarked in-house. Our team can provide an immediate professional solution tailored to the corporate client’s specific culture and objectives.

IPO Advice

RM Global provides independent advice to companies, their management teams and other stakeholders seeking to list a company and raise money on a stock exchange. As an independent advisor, we are able to guide our clients through the complex IPO process with confidence that they are getting advice in their best interests.

Valuations & Fairness Opinions

RM Global’s valuation services are customized depending on the specific set of circumstances affecting our clients and we remain flexible so that we can develop the best approach to meet our clients’ needs.